The Love And Loss of Mac Miller Inspires Upcoming Tribute Show of Music, Art & Fashion

“It’s this love for music that pushed me to make the event possible. I needed to pay respects to a man who changed the way I looked at music forever through his music.

Hearing the way Mac Miller talked about music in his interviews really gave you a grasp on how much he cared for his craft. Around the time of his death, he went on record saying that he was making the ‘best music of his life.’” - Marcus McDonald, The event’s coordinator

Official Event Poster

Official Event Poster

After announcing the event on social media the idea caught like wildfire. Several artists and musicians from all over wanted to pay tribute to Mac Millers legacy.

The event will take place this Saturday (09/14) at a DIY venue in downtown Charleston called Camp Adesso, which lies, on top of a convenience store on the corner of Ashe and Line Street.

There will be several vendors at the tribute event including visual artists Katie Wilson and Landon Carter and several & vintage fashion vendors Threads to Disco, and Nothing Fancy Vintage and many more.

Local musicians Scene Jesus & Landon Carter (along with his band Cubeo) will also be performing at the event performing several tribute songs. Their will be an open mic after performances for anybody who has any inspirational Mac Miller quotes, songs, or personal stories/experiences they want to share

A percentage of proceeds from this event will go to the Mac Miller fund. The Mac Miller Fund supports programs for the youth in underserved communities reach their full potential through the exploration of the arts. The fund also supports organizations that address the problems of substance abuse in America and the music industry specifically, and helps with all stages of addiction recovery and treatment services.

Direct donations to the Mac Miller fund will also be accepted at this event.

”I truly hope this event not only pays respect to a legend, but also moves people to explore & experiment with their own music.”

“Damn, I'm just a human let me make mistakes
Shit has changed ain't little Malcolm with a baby face
Even my homies tell me take a break
They know it ain't their place, and this a day I hate to waste
Trying to be a legend by tomorrow
They say I can't, I'm determined to prove em' wrong though
I'm not perfect but they ain't either
I did it all with out a Jay Feature.”

- Mac Miller