Judah And The Lion 8/21 Review in Charlotte, NC

“How’s my family doing?”

This question is asked multiple times at a Judah and The Lion show by lead singer, Judah Akers, which truly makes their shows feel like home. Whether you’ve seen them numerous times, or have never heard any song other than their big hit “Take It All Back,” you walk out of their show feeling like you belong to something bigger- you belong in Judah and The Lion family. 

The Nashville band is currently on a headlining tour in support of their most recent album release “Pep Talks” which shares very honest feelings about some hard times experienced over the last few years.  Even when singing about the difficult things such as divorce, depression and other battles, each song leaves you with a hopeful ring. At one point in the night, everyone in the packed amphitheater sang as loudly as they could “I am not alone” together and it was absolutely beautiful. 

Their show closed out with a two minute wild dance party as it always does to remind you to keep shaking off the hard things and enjoy life, even if only for two minutes. Judah and The Lion is a true gem in the live music world and in life in general. Their headlining tour continues on and make sure to check out their recent release, “Pep Talks!”

Written and Photography by Mia Al-Taher

Taylor Czerwinski