In Review: "Baysik" AKA Brendan Bayliss & Ryan Stasik Play The Wind Jammer


Written By: Webster Austin

This past Thursday, the IOP’s premier concert venue, The Windjammer, hosted both the inaugural and final show of Baysik, deriving its name from a combination of the duo’s last names: Bayliss and Stasik, i.e Brendan Bayliss (vocals/guitar) and Ryan Stasik (bass) of the eclectic and influential rock/jam/jazz/experimental/prog rock/prog metal (among other genres) band, Umphrey’s McGee. & Doom Flamingo.

Yes, the pair admitted that the sunset show was their one and only. Stasik explained their reasoning by enlightening the crowd that he “thought it was very hip to have a farewell show for your first show.” Nevertheless, Umphrey’s fans should not be discouraged from eventually seeing another performance from Baysik (maybe for a comeback tour? à la Grateful Dead...and then maybe another one after that), because throughout the show, the guys were continually drinking their poison of choice to keep the air beachy.

Stasik holstered a handle of tequila in his back pocket as he arrived on stage, but he did not outgun Bayliss who elegantly fisted his own red wine bottle. Seagulls and volleyballs intermittently popped up over the beach-dune horizon that Bayliss and Stasik seemed to float upon like ships. The scene felt like an impromptu jam session that happened to be with some of the most skilled musicians in the world. Between songs, the two were incredibly in tune with the audience as they joked extensively about old times. Bayliss spoke about how Stasik has never been able to whistle while Stasik remembered how he gave Bayliss (who only owned a banjo when they met) his guitar and bought a bass.

An unknown older gentleman whispered to me before the show began that you can’t play Black Sabbath acoustic, implying that the scaled down version of traditionally a loud rock band could not match expectations. However, after Bayliss ripped out his first solo of the night, I witnessed the man grinning from ear-to-ear.