Mel Washington's Single "Whiskey River" Is Straight From The Heart


Since, the release of “Houses” in 2013, Mel Washington has not released an LP. After years of writing over 40 songs for the album, the Charleston, SC native has skimmed through and collected 10 of what he believes to be the best songs straight from the heart.

“Whiskey River” is the first in many singles slated for this release.

With guest appearances from Mike Rogers who formerly played with Washington in the southern indie rock outfit All Get Out, to Guy Turner, who played in The New Frontiers, and long time friend and mentee of Washington, Hunter Duncan of Yosef and Lion in the Winter fame.








Mel Washington was born and raised in Charleston, SC. A singer-songwriter since 18, he’s played venues across the US and Europe and Australia. Washington has pursued his career relentlessly and without exception to his principles; he believes music to be profoundly healing and that it should be shared with an open heart and mind. His life experience has been marked by the usual trappings of a traveling musician, the charm of Southern religion, and even a stint of homelessness. Aside from his talents on the stage, Washington is a gifted conversationalist able to get to the heart of any story through his emotional range and intelligence, and he brings a genuine warmth to a conversation that evokes great storytelling.

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Taylor Czerwinski