“The Empire Records of Groceries"

Photos: Taylor L. Czerwinski

Photos: Taylor L. Czerwinski

You guessed it; There’s something good happening with Danny May & The Good News.

The name brought on by the media's norm of only showing bad news is emphasized, “The name is something fitting for the world we live in today because what we see on the news is usually bad or negative. We want our music to be something for people to come out and hear that’s good and that’s positive.” 

The kind of vibe you can hear from Danny May & The Good News is, “funky, soul, rock tones, with a hip-hop twist.” Danny explains that Drew AKA “Lord Owen” from BET’s “One Shot," was ATL’s winner from the number one that went to NY. He’s been a positive influence as far as the hip-hop aspect bringing a lot to the table.

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The group composed of Danny May (vox, guitar), Paul Joliet (bass, keys, harmonica, vox) Kelcie Keith (drums), Floyd Gant (guitar), Lord Owen Drew (vox/rap artist), Bredan Schofield (trumpet) are beginning to work on presenting original music, but typically when you see them at Revelry Brewery; they focus on classic covers. “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapelton, “Use Me” by Bill Withers, “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder, and “Garden Grove” by Sublime are a few songs listed that captivate the hearts of their listeners. 


Danny May has had a residency at Revelry for over two years, but the inclusion of the rest of the group is a new project. From playing solo to having a full band of 6 members has been working great for Danny. Hanging out with these guys, I can see how they see one another as a family. They have undeniable warming chemistry that makes it easy to be around them both as people and musicians. 

Their family-like friendship originates from all members besides Brendan, working together at Trader Joes in Mount Pleasant. Brendan plays the horn and is a brewer at Revelry Brewery.

“We’re all friends and kind of in the fam, so it’s easy to play music together. When you sit in with people you don’t really know that well its kind of uncomfortable cause you have these unnecessary expectations, so you get out of your comfort zone, but when it’s all of us together, it just flows, and it just works.” Danny jokes to Brendan, “You’re the only one that doesn’t bag groceries, so it’s a little uncomfortable for you sometimes.”

Fun Fact: Trader Joes also employs Danny Martin of 2Slices and previously, Shannon Vogt who was a featured vocalist in the band Seewater who now resides in Chicago. 

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One may think that having so many talented musicians working together at Trader Joes that they’d frequently bust out into song or have made a cool jingle. However, if 2 Slices get’s caught in the dairy box alone, he’s getting his “ass lyrically beaten” where they joke around on each other's music and keep each other updated on the newest music releases.

To stay updated follow Danny May online and see him at his other gigs:

Revelry, Loggerheads (Tuesdays), Bay Street Biergarten, Cooper River Brewing Co, Seanachai, Spirit Of Carolina Dinner Cruises, Charleston Pour House Farmer’s Market, The Shelter, Smoke BBQ, Dockery’s, and even the occasional funeral.