What You Should Know Going Into Summer Shindig: An Interview With 2 Slices


The 5th Annual Summer Shindig at The Royal American is upon us, and the lineup is stacked with some of Charleston’s most beloved bands. Be sure to get there early for Rare Creatures, because even though Rare Creatures is first on stage, their music easily has the power to be a closing act.

Other bands featured for the low cover of $20 are: Hip-hop duo, Little Stranger, poetic rhymes by Benjamin Starr, rock band Human Resources, soft rock band SondorBlue, 80’s dance band 2 Slices, Susto's Jenna Desmond and Corey Campbell's latest project, Babe Club, and Americana Band, InLaws.

The rumor around town is 2 Slices will be closing out The Shindig, and if you do not know the power of 2 Slices continue to read the feature below.


Photo: Jonathan Boncek

Photo: Jonathan Boncek

2 Slices is hands down the best local, 80’s-revive, future-dance, electro-pop, psychedelic-rock band in the Greater Charleston Area, if not the Universe. Whoever can attend a 2 Slices show and not dance while cracking a smile is the spawn of the Devil and should be crucified immediately during their journey through “Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell” while local sinners throw moldy avocados at them.


If one had to classify 2 Slices’ music more generally, it might be described as a modern revival of New Order, but I promise you that does not do them justice. The band views themselves as an alter ego of Run The Jewels. To combine this into a more abstract classification, I like to imagine 2 Slices as Run The Jewels remastering and combining Duran Duran and New Order into a single project.    


Frontman Danny Martin is 1 of the 2 pieces of bread that make up 2 Slices. He is the Jalapeno-Three-Cheese-Italian-Herbs-and-Spices slice, while Brandon Fudge AKA “Lazer Cat” is the Extra Chill Multigrain slice. Do not be fooled by Lazer Cat’s calm demeanor; he is not just standing behind the DJ booth checking emails, he is producing sick beats, improvising to Danny’s madness, and holding the band together like super glue.

Drummer Nick Jenkins and Bassist Brett Nash are the other band members with whom I have not had the pleasure of speaking.

I previously stated that 2 Slices puts on a show. “Show” does not adequately define the event, and I now need to make a formal apology and a correction. 2 Slices puts on a performance, an extravaganza, a boisterous pantomime, or at least, lead man Danny Martin does. He simultaneously mashes the keys, shreds the guitar, crushes the vocals, and pilots a dance party. He is the Zumba instructor we all wish we had. He is the musically talented and more handsome version of Richard Simmons, and dare I say he is an even better dancer.

My roommate Baby Face Killa confronted Danny once before one of these aforementioned extravaganzas asking from where he draws inspiration. To which he responded,“I just love dancing at Billboard Top 100 Chart clubs.”

In a fit of disgust, Baby Face Killa replied: “I would rather put a live puppy in an oven and watch it burn than go to a Top 100 club.”

This conversation should give you some insight on the musical tastes of Danny and my roommate, but somehow they are able to find common ground in 2 Slices. So, regardless if you have terrible taste or great taste in music, you will most likely love this band.  

Photo: Bree Burchfield

Photo: Bree Burchfield

Due to Danny’s free-spirited, perky, charismatic stage presence some of Charleston’s music professionals have written him and his band off as a joke. With a belly full of liquid confidence, I asked Danny and Lazer Cat what they thought about this.  

Lazer Cat: “It’s real as fuck! You haven't noticed yet?!”

Danny: “I usually refer them to the song Fuck the Haters on the record. And that’s why I wrote that song because I knew originally that when I was making this record that people would hate on it... I think my music is a reflection of my personality.”

Preach it, Danny! He could not be a more genuine person, he is exactly how you think he would be if you just assumed his personality from what you see at his performances.

Be on the lookout for a few single releases this summer. But more importantly, experience them live when they roll back through town June 30th for the Summer Shindig.

Entre las Aclamaciones,

-Sanchez Tortuga

Taylor Czerwinski