If You Ain’t A Mama’s Boy, Your Mama Sucks!

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Written by: Sanchez Tortuga

Photography by: Taylor L. Czerwinski

Have you ever wondered what the parents of rock stars are like? What must they be thinking when their child is singing about sex, drugs, and other debaucheries? Wonder no more. I sat down with Walker Trull for an in-your-face interview about his band Crab Claw’s new album and this dude walked in with his Mom!

After introductions are made I quickly pulled Walker aside to see if he was ok with an R rated interview with his mom present. He said his mom was cool and that I could hit him with the heavyweight gloves, and you better believe I did.


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What do you think is the one song that everyone should listen to if they don’t know Crab Claw?

Mama: Easy City Living is my favorite because it is a country song. If I Can’t See You Tonight is a really funny song. (both songs from the old album)

Walker: I would lead with Nose Beers because it is the most rock.


So, Mom what do you think about Nose Beers?

She does not blink an eye as I ask a question about a song that her son wrote about a Schedule II Narcotic.

Mama: I like it, but it’s not my favorite. I mean you know I came from the cocaine era. You know when it was really, really, really cocaine. I don’t know I still think Easy City Living and If I Can’t See You Tonight are my favorites.

Are the Nose Beers shirts I see on Instagram for sale?

Walker: Yeah, they are for sale at crabclaw.store

Mama: One thing you need to know about the band though is... they have a “good time” and when the band has a good time the audience has a good time. (I believe Mama is referring to the band’s pre-show habits which translate well on stage)

Walker : We are real loose and sloppy but it still comes across well.


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How would you describe your sound?

Walker: It’s not really any genre, there are several classic influences, like, what we do is I pick a song I want it to sound like, Wolfie (Wolfgang Zimmerman: Drummer) and Christian (Christian Chidester: Guitar) create that sound, I've known them for 15 years so they know exactly what I want.

Memories Arise sounds like Kenny Chesney, it's about dad being an alcoholic.

Instagram sounds like a Neil Young Song.

Let it Rest sounds like Weezer’s Pinkerton.

Magic Megan Murphy is like a straight 90’s country song.


Tell me about Magic Megan Murphy?

Walker: When I wrote that song we were still together, and when she got her job with Delta as a flight attendant she was gone for two months of training. She would come back for 2-3 days at a time, then she would be gone for 5-6 days at a time, then we would fight about some B.S. over Instagram or something that I would say. We would fight for the 2 days she would be there then she would leave.

Now it has an all new meaning because we are broken up. Honestly, we should have broken up a year ago.  That was the first relationship I ever actually tried to work on. I’m 28 so you know I tried to make it work. A lot of the songs were about her, and now that all the songs are put together it comes across as a breakup album.  


Is this the Taylor Swift motivation? Now that you are dating someone else, are you just going to write another breakup song about them?

Walker, probably because he has never been compared to Taylor Swift before, took a moment before answering the question.

Walker: Yeah… That is basically what it is. I guess that's what I write about.

Mama: The songs are funny but they all have real meaning.


How do you feel now? How will you handle future relationships?

Walker: The whole point is to express the heartbreak and leave it behind as something tangible.

Mama: People relate to heartbreak. Do you know anyone who has not been heartbroken? By your parents or school teacher, not just girlfriends. The heartbreak comes from the universe.

Walker: In the future, I will maybe not turn my girlfriend into a muse for my next album. And I will probably start writing shitty songs because of it. But I am seeing a new girl now.

Mama: I like her. I met her for the first time. She is a happy person with a vibrant personality.

Walker: We are in an open relationship. Actually, she is really cool. It is the first time I got to do the whole two chicks at the same time thing.  Which was cool... Never done that before.

Mama: Is that what you just told me??!!

This is the first and only time during the hour interview that Walker made his mom even slightly uncomfortable, and it took a ménage à trois to do so.


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What do you say to the people who say your first album is a joke?

Walker: Well, they didn’t listen to it. Maybe they just listened to Titties at Noon and judged the whole thing, but even Titties at Noon is a real story. I mean, it’s funny for sure. Life is funny. But if they listen to the whole thing, then they would know.

They see you on Southern Charm and that doesn’t help people from thinking it is a joke.

Walker: No, for sure. But that’s all good man, if people want to have that perception of me then they can.

Mama: The mullet man might be coming back. That's the new whisper. (Referring to another appearance on Southern Charm.)

Walker: Yeah, I’m going to grow my mullet back out.

Walker and I both agree that all publicity is good publicity, and for every one person who discredits him for his appearance on Southern Charm at least, another two people will discover him and his band.





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Walker then directs me to Memories Arise to demonstrate how the music is very serious but also funny.


Walker: Memories Arise is the best song on the record. It delivers a message. It’s also the funniest song on there for sure.

Mama: It means people can start a new future and you don’t have live where you are. It can be encouraging for people who are in a similar situation to the one I was in (an alcoholic and abusive husband/father). I was in a really bad place and when you listen to this song, you will know it.

However I raised my sons, they are strong and kind people. They don’t hold grudges and they are victorious. I hope that song will help both women and men who are abused. They will know that there is always a tomorrow. When I was going through it, it did not seem like there was a tomorrow. There was no hope out there. My family and friends gave up. But we got through it.

I am proud of my boys. Walker has a great concept on what is real and how life really is.






Crab Claw’s music touches on a wide spread of topics including but not limited to suicide, alcoholism, heartbreak, hard drugs, and Tinder dates. Walker’s ability to make light about the pains in life is truly an artistic and creative talent very few possess. He certainly acquired some of this talent from his Mama who told me, “Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying.”


See Crab Claw, She Returns From War, and Zoe Child this Friday, June 22 at The Royal American.