KULTURVATION: A Music & Art Event Celebrating Diversity



JUNE 23. 2018 / 4:00PM- 2:00AM



Kulturvation is a term born from the union of like-minded individuals, each driven by the idea to promote and empower the wide plethora of artistic diversity within the Charleston community. The origination of the term comes from its root - cultivate - for this event the objectives revolve around growing and harnessing the fruits of cultural creativity spread across our beautiful city.

To the artist, this event would present an opportunity to demonstrate their gifted talents and passions, to the attendee this event would present an ability to expose themselves to the hidden elements of creativity collected in one environment. Kulturvation aims to unite these two individuals in order to nurture a mutually beneficial outlet for all art forms.


The music being brought together highlights one of the most important aspects of this event - DIVERSITY.

Kulturvation combines electronic possibilities with an acoustic soul to bring forth the infusion of adaptability, which will be provided for attendees to give them the freedom to entertain all of their tastes. By pairing up EDM artists with a local visual jockey, the result will be further integration of live art into our musical performances and providing a deeper musical experience.

The integration of jam and funk bands, fashion, fire and flow performances, canvas and body painting, handmade merchandise, local foods, and photography to this musical menu will allow for an environment of open enthusiasm for the attendees to get their bodies and minds moving to the state of discovery. 



A portion of the proceeds will go back directly to the artists via donations to local art departments of College of Charleston and The Art Institute as our initiative to give back to the community to help bring this together. 


For more information email Mikita at:  myankou@g.clemson.edu