"Love Is Truth" A Seated Show With Avi Jacob



Emerging folk/soul artist Avi Jacob's newest EP "Surrender" was produced by Simone Felice, producer of the Lumineer's "Cleopatra" and has gained many fans and great reviews from critics. Jacob is a relentlessly honest writer, combining the inherent truth of songwriters like Bob Dylan with a soulful voice & catchy melodies. Jacob has been touring the country opening for acts like Dr. John, Band of Heathens, MIPSO, SUSTO, & Zach Williams of the Lone Bellow.

Jacob who was once a Charleston local now resides in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island where he takes care of his beloved son.

He's dedicated his life to music through traveling around the US and finding his way back through the south-east where he performs his deeply personal folk songs. The song "Pick Up Truck" is written about his fathers passing, but Jacob who hides nothing expresses his deepest guilt for not being around more when he was sick.

"It’s about my guilt over him having to struggle and sell his truck to help me out of trouble many years ago. It’s about my guilt over leaving my sister and stepmother to grieve alone because I was on drugs and only concerned with my next high. It’s about my guilt over not being a better son. It is a plea for forgiveness from a place none can ever come.”

Photo: Taylor Czerwinski

Photo: Taylor Czerwinski


When it comes to writing, Jacob dives into his subconscious where his greatest songs reside.

"I remember every dream I've ever had since I stopped getting high. I've written most songs from my dreams. I actually wrote a song in my dream once where I was on The Truman Show and sang a song about 'love is truth.' I woke up, remembered the entire thing and brought it to life." 

"Before I went to bed I was talking to my ex, talking about having kids... I imagined how heavy of a thing it is to have kids with someone and how fucked up the world is. How love between people is the best thing; the thing we need to fight for. Songs that are true- or any art can help bring about more love."

You can see Jacob perform his heartfelt original folk songs this Thursday, June 14 at the Awendaw Green series called Queen St. Harmony at Queen St Theatre; formerly know as Footlight Players.

Additional performances by Ferdinand The Bull and HoneySmoke will accompany Avi Jacob.

Doors 6:30 / Show 7:00

Get your tickets at citypapertickets.com 

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