Tickets to the Moon (Russ Liquid Test)

russ liquid test image.jpg

Written By: Sanchez Tortuga

The Russ Liquid Test is coming to The Charleston Pour House  this Sunday, April 8th, and right about now you might be asking yourself, “Who Dat?” …They are a funk, electro, jazz band coming to you live from the city of New Orleans. These saints released their first album under Griz's label All Good Records, and part of the band has also worked under Gramatik’s label. These two labels may give you some context to what the band sounds like, however, if you think these guys are going to lean too heavy on electronic production, think again.


The three-man band includes lead man and trumpeter Russell Scott, guitarist Andrew Block, and drummer Deven Trusclair, and trust me these southern boys rip it zealously and flamboyantly the entire show. You can expect psychedelic-harmonious rhythms between the trio, accompanied by seamless synthesizers and some various other electronic production. Occasionally the band is accompanied by keyboardist Ivan Neville, who is able to add an extra layer of depth and personality as heard on their hit colab 1984.




Last time The Russ Liquid Test came to town, The Pour House was about seventy percent full, the crowd was electric, and everyone was dancing. At one point, a bombshell blonde jumped onto stage and whirled a PixelWhip around her body to the mind-bending music. Needless to say the vitality in the building raised to a point which almost blew the roof off. If you don’t believe me just ask the girls disheartened boyfriend.

So, if you are a 9 to 5’er and you have work Monday morning, call your boss right now, and tell them, “I ain’t gunna make it, I got a one way ticket to a psychedelic experience Sunday night, and I ain’t quite sure when I’ma be back.”