Are Deaf Dogs Better Than Cats?


Live Performance Review 

Written by: Sanchez Torturga 


Deaf Dogs are not the soft rock band your sister fell in love with in middle school. When you decide to go to one of their shows be prepared to head bang, mosh pit, and enjoy some high energy showmanship. Cameron Christensen fronts the band with a raspy strong voice that is euphonious and powerful to the ears. He occasionally walks the line between screamed and silvery vocals all while co-leading guitar with his long time collaborative Cameron Spell. 

Spell is: Calm, cool, collected, the Yin to the Christensen’s Yang, the ice to his fire, and the peanut butter to his jelly. They have been rocking on and off together for almost eight years. As sophomores at College of Charleston they would ignite house parties with their just now released single, For Gold. After these brief moments of college euphoria faded, the duo lost touch musically for a few years. Just before last fall, Christensen started booking gigs again through a new local app called Jyve, which reignited his almost lost love for music.

With the musical fire back in his soul, he decided to reach out to Spell, his former wingman. Next they called on Taylor Cottrell, who wants you to know that he “slappidy da bass” for the band. Shortly thereafter the trio found a drummer and all seemed to be harmonious. That is until a week before The Battle of the Bands when this drummer, who shall not be named, “Ghosted the band like a Tinder date” said Christensen. 

Photo: Seth Abramson 

Photo: Seth Abramson 

During this moment of chaos, Tyler Hall (Drummer / Lead Software Developer at Jyve) stepped up to bat. Having seen Deaf Dogs perform several times at various smaller gigs, Hall was able to glide in serendipitously and saved the day. Unfortunately, due to other commitments Hall cannot commit full time with Deaf Dogs; therefore, career musician Ky Baker (former drummer of Liz Cooper and the Stampedes) has been stepping in to help out the three guitarists. Christensen is hopeful that Ky Baker will join the band permanently and put an end to the dummer carousel. 

If you are a fan of rock that leans a little on the grungy side, or just a fan of great live music, cheap beer and pool, come check out Deaf Dogs, March 10th at the Tin Roof in West Ashley. 

Photo: Seth Abramson 

Photo: Seth Abramson 

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