Lisbon, Portugal's "The Faded" Releases First Full Length Album



Paula Calado is a 22-year old singer-songwriter known as THE FADED from Lisbon, Portugal known for her unique angelic voice in the making of R&B, Soul, and Trap music.

Even at a young age Calado loved to play the piano and was in a choral group where she developed her voice. From 2015 to 2017 The Faded released several songs, but in 2018 she released her EP "Eclipse" that got her a lot of attention with specific admiration to the song "Numb." 

The Faded’s full length album titled "Two Sides" is dropping this December with 2 singles on the way. 



“Two sides" is a mixture between old R&B/Soul with the new sound and instrumentation that can be seen as “trendy”- yet making the project unique when it comes to her strong and emotional vocal delivery on topics such as past relationships, depression, sex and drug abuse. 

The album title describes "The Faded’s two sides, but not only in matter of light and darkness duality, but in the old and the new; the love and hate. It is the alter ego and the things that we hate, but cannot escape the demon hidden within our own souls. But, thanks to our will we fight back for the good of our selves for a happier life.

The title, instruments and the themes come into play when it comes to crafting an album. This album is actually related to her first the EP, "Eclipse." 

Calado explains, “because, not only does the eclipse represent the darkness, but the light that follows the ‘Two Sides.’”

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Taylor Czerwinski