New Music Video Release from Cry Baby on VHS!

Cry Baby consists of Caroline, Chase, Charlie, Carter, Josh and Joey. Having a home studio, the group is all about bringing a new sound to the DIY scene with a love for 80s/90s RnB and Pop. They strive to capture all the different corners of that world using music and visuals to really allow people an escape into an experience with them. Cry Baby writes, produces, and records everything out of their home working closely with Matthew from For the Record Mastering.

The band took this same approach whild filming the “Boyfriend” video, a very much DIY effort with help from photographers and friends Brett Tighe and Meg O’Connell. The concept was to follow a simple night out with the band, bringing nothing but a VHS and digital camera. Ultimately people get to see the world and friendships we have in the group running around town in some of our go-to spots.

“That theme runs through the song itself; a tongue in cheek, go-lucky song about heartbreak. Finding fun in a let down is sometimes all you can do and thankfully art allows us a medium to do so in such a tangible way. We hope people dance and laugh along with us.” - Joey of Cry Baby.

Taylor Czerwinski