Film Photography Feature: Gray MacKendrick

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I’ve never used a digital camera and I have no idea how to use one and honestly I’d probably never be interested in using one. I just like film too much. 

My name is Gray and I’m a photographer from Summerville, SC.

I used to do a lot of different things around local music scenes like mixing and engineering songs and hosting music on different platforms and things like that, and I was always interested in trying to learn everything I possibly could music wise and just art wise to entertain myself, but I never ever thought about taking pictures. One day I found an old disposable camera from when I went on some school trip in 4th in my drawer when I was moving some stuff around and I just took it out to mess with it and took some pictures of my friends and I was automatically hooked.

Eventually I moved onto 35mm cameras and went to thrift stores and bought every camera I saw. Then I started charging for my work until I saved up enough to buy a nicer camera and so on.  I like the feeling of not knowing what they actually look like until it’s developed and I also just like the overall feeling of having a physical body of work. I don’t really know how to put that into words. 


I started taking pictures in late 2016 and I took pictures pretty much every day for about a year of my friends and stuff like that, and eventually my portfolio got large enough to be noticed by a number of people. I take pictures of a lot of local artists and just artists in general wherever I am. 

I like taking intimate pictures, like true portraits and stuff, I don’t really ever like taking full body pictures or posed pictures, I really only do candids and close ups and things like that. Staged pictures feel terribly awkward and painful to take to me.


Find more of Gray’s work on instagram: @graybeatstheblock

Taylor Czerwinski