A Vessel By The Name of Niecy Blues

Photo: Aura.Studios

Photo: Aura.Studios

Q: Tell us about your musical journey. When did you start? Who did you listen to growing up?Where did you grow up? Did your family/ friends help influence you?

Niecy: "I began singing around the age of 3 or 4. Just humming and things like that is what my parents say. Then I began writing around 4th grade. Just silly little songs that I would force my God sister to sing with me. (I still remember one of them!) I grew up in a small military town in Oklahoma called Lawton/Fort Sill. It was a beautiful place to grow up in. The lakes and the Great Plains. Very peaceful with not much to do. Which left a lot of kids with limited options. And when there are limited options, kids tend to get into a lot of trouble. There were a lot of gangs. Fortunately, I had church and music to keep me preoccupied. My brother was my biggest musical influence. We weren't allowed to listen to “secular” music as children, so him and I would sneak and listen to Jay Z, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, etc. He was also the only person I knew that was recording music. He's an amazing writer. Eventually he began taking me to the studio to work on some of his music.


Q: Tell me about TWN and the track “Time". What is it about? Who’s speaking in the beginning? Where did this song inspire from? 

Niecy: “Thank you! ‘Time’ is actually on TWN’s project called Blue Sky District. I was honored to be able to write on such a beautiful track. The song is essentially about how everyone and everything is connected. The birds, the trees, the sky. Nature in general. We are all connected forever and in this one moment in time. Which is something I've been working on: being completely suspended in the moment. The person speaking in the beginning of the song is Sadhguru. He's an Indian yogi and mystic. He speaks about an experience he had. He was sitting on a rock and, to sum it up, he had an experience where he he could not separate himself from the rock, the air around him and the atmosphere. Essentially he realized that he was connected to it all. He sat there for what felt like 10 minutes, but was actually four hours. Six weeks later he left his business and traveled the world to make sense of that experience. That spoke to TWN and I.”

Photo: Aura.Studios

Photo: Aura.Studios


Q: It seems you work with different producers and collaborate with many artists. Tell us more about these collaborations and how they have transpired.

Niecy: “My first project was produced by a collective of producers that have sense parted ways. That project, Opaque, was written over a span of a few months. I recorded everything in my attic at my parents home. The space I was in is COMPLETELY different from the one I'm in now. I was still trying to find my sound. I haven't put out a project since because I realized that I needed to find myself. Upon that realization, I met Contour. He sent me some of his production and I got this feeling in my chest. This was it. This was what I had been searching for. He and I have been working together ever since. He's so talented and I'm honored that he shares his gift with me. Right now, I'm actively working on a project that features his production and another amazing talent called Infinite Freefall. I'm so excited to complete and share it.”


Photo: Aura.Studios

Photo: Aura.Studios

Q: What do you do other than music? Are you a student? Do you work another job? Tell us about it and how has it affected your music. 

Niecy: “I studied musical theatre for two years at Anderson University. Currently I work a 9-5, no pun intended (haha). Working a 9-5 has definitely increased my need to create. I thought that it would take the desire away, but it's done the opposite. Of course there are days where I just want to come home and sleep, and I do. But, being at work gives me this intense longing for more. I find myself writing at work a lot.”


Q: Who is Niecy Blues? (stage name or real name) Where does the name come from?

Niecy: “I’m just a vessel. Niecy was my nickname growing up. Short for Janise. Blues came from one of my favorite genres of music.”


Q: I personally find zodiac compatibility interesting. Tell us about Zodiac Love’s meaning for you.

Niecy: “Shout out to Yunoshi Lyon. That's actually his song and concept. He allowed me to grace it with my vocals. I'm interested in astrology, so that's why I agreed to the feature. I would say I believe in it about 70%. I don't think it's logical to completely base your life around it, but I can see why people do. People are constantly searching for reason. If that gives them comfort, I support it.”

Photo: Aura.Studios

Photo: Aura.Studios


Q: What does music mean to you?

Niecy: “Music can mean a lot of things. On a shitty day, it's my escape. On vacation it's a soundtrack to my day. It's my expression and it’s comfort. It's power and and it's vulnerability. It's important for me to share music because it's not just for me. It's for whomever needs it. It's to feel connected. It's important for me to speak my truth and share my experience.”


Q: What can we expect in 2018?

Niecy: “Another mother effing project! Ha I'm super stoked about it. I'm finally making the music that I listen to. There will be more shows and more visuals. All around, more content.”


Photo: Aura.Studios

Photo: Aura.Studios


March 3rd - Indah Coffee - Columbia

March 10th - Royal American - Charleston

March 25th - (tba) Sofar Sounds Charleston

April 14th - Music Farm - Charleston

April 17th - (tba) Los Angeles

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