City On Down

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"We officially started as a band (Marbel Music was the first name) last September when I moved here from Boston, Greg and I had talked over the phone a bunch of times about the possibility of just chasing our dreams together and finally decided we wanted to go for it. We grew up in Rochester, NY together as childhood friends and we were both pursuing music on our own before deciding to together. Greg went to C of C and was living here with our childhood friend and former guitarist Blake Ervin, so when I moved here there was already something in place."

           "Our first live show was at Crooked Crown on Spring Street last November. We mostly did acoustic gigs for a few months before we had opportunities to play at bigger spots like Purple Buffalo, Republic, 492 King, and John King. We wrote 3 original songs and finally recorded them at Charleston Recording with Jay Miley last February, and released them as our Debut EP in June. These 3 songs, "Toxic," "Come With Me," and "Drunk Alone," are all different styles and were meant to just showcase our diversity and ability. The EP is out on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc! Our EP release show was June 24 at My Father's Mustache, it was awesome and a blast to premiere our own music to people."
          "Ever since then, though, we've really come into our own. The last few months have been amazing: we found our new guitarist, Alden, and bassist, Rob, and we all just have a natural chemistry. We've moved towards a much more identifiable sound, in that we know we're making Alternative/Synth-Pop/Rock music now in the vein of bands like Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Needtobreathe, One Republic, X Ambassador. We've gotten into some incredible opportunities, like playing at the Charleston Music Confab last weekend and also being asked to perform live at the Independent Tone Awards in December. We've got a bunch of shows lined up in the coming months even beyond Charleston and we're just really excited for how things are starting to pick up."

           "We have our new single releasing September 29th that we're really excited about, called "All on You." Greg and I co-wrote and recorded vocals at Truphonic, which was also an incredible opportunity to have already. It's VERY modern Top 40 Pop radio, pretty much you could turn on any Top 40 statiout and hear it played between Bieber and Ed Sheeran, so we're really looking forward to premiering it. Our release show is September 29th at Palmetto Brewery from 8-10 PM, with Tyler Boone before us at 6. We're starting to grow a fan base little by little, so we definitely want to promote our music to people who don't know us yet. Our shows are fun and we love to entertain and perform, we try to write music that will hook people and get them singing along and dancing. Additionally we're in the process of writing about 5 new songs, and we're close to being ready to record another EP that we know will fully display our new identity and sound."

-Ian Giancursio of City On Down