Episode 10- Easy Honey & The Cookie Dropper

Easy Honey is a newer, up-and-coming, indie-rock band originally from Tennessee. The group has rather quickly integrated themselves within Charleston’s music scene and we can see why. “With sounds reminiscent of early Brit-Rock with a nod to 90’s alt-rock, Easy Honey captures both the playfulness and maturity that accompanies one’s coming of age.”



Darby McGlone (Guitar, Vocals) explains that the track, Hold Your Breath is inspired by “when one is young, you want to do all these things that are typically achieved at an older age. But, ‘hold your breath’ and have patience, because you’ll get there.” This song was inspired by Darby’s younger sister, who has grown up with 3 older brothers and wants to do everything the ‘big kids are doing.’

On this episode you’ll also hear about the groups mystery cookie dropper (admirer?) who left cookies with a note of recited lyrics from their song, “Rollercoaster” at their front door. Who were they from? Was it really a secret admirer?

Listen to find out.

Taylor Czerwinski