Episode 9- No True Art Comes Without Sufferin' Moses

Zach Quillen of Sufferin’ Moses is currently working on his first full-length album after playing for practically two decades. This was a special episode due to Zach playing all of his songs live in studio for listeners. Themes of having patience with yourself, personal healing, and substance abuse are some of the topics you will notice when listening to Sufferin’ Moses. As Zach explains, “My name is Sufferin’ Moses, so you’re not going to hear about how pretty the beach is.” * (laughs) *

On this episode, you’ll discover the story on how he discovered a family heirloom and how Sufferin’ Moses meant that “no true art comes without suffering.”

“Isn’t fudge half-way between pudding and brownies?” Listen to this episode to find out why the heck we care, and how it’s really made.